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Huzzi-Tac Records

Back to the Huzzi,Yo

Welcome to the Huzzi's net label 'huzzi-tac-records', here you'll find various artists who i think are good and worth a listen, you can check 'em out with free downloadable music. At the moment you can check it out with the avant garde wizardry of Chris Dicisso we have his new album "the Cosmic We" available for your pleasure. And a True Bournemouth Legend,(i've been lucky anough to play a few gigs with this guy)The Poet Hi-Ho, and his poetry & spoken word album "Vegetables are fighting Back",what a corker, plus there will be exclusive live mp3's later on. so sit back and enjoy the sounds of tac.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Chris Disc Rico - The Cosmic We

03.1,000 Years
04.Of the bended Spoons
05.On the 3rd circled out
06.Running The Monster
07.Pocket Chamber
09.The Cosmic we

Thanks - Chris Moss, Mom & Dad, Thomas Rahn, Watermelon Music and Everyone who listened to 'how to make soup' Kinko's, thank you
Chris Disc Rico - Guitar, programming
Chris Dicicco - Percussion, Bass and Mixing
The voice reads Danti's Purgatorio backwards on the song 'On the 3rd Circled Out,And Speaks on 'Attack'
All Copyright Huzzi-Tac-Records 2005
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Poet-Hi Ho - Vegetables are Fighting Back

01.Vegetables are fighting back
03.Where is Summer
04.After Midnight
05.Tomor row
08.On a Roll
11.Vegetables are Back to Take Over
12.Johns Last Two Days
13.Making a Difference
Bonus track

DEDICATED TO CANDLE FIRE - And Tony at Freshcuts for recording this Album
Also Like to thank - Andy Stone, Tremor Christ, Everyone @ Bartonka,
The Act & Chambers & Baker, Special thanks to SOMA
All Copyright Huzzi-Tac-Records 2005